About JBCare.com

JB Amazing Natural was founded by a husband-and-wife team of Sue & JB Kim, who are longtime students of health products industry. Emigrating from Korea, the Kims took over a small vitamin store in 2002. Their store, Korean Ginseng & Vitamins, serves a diverse population in Downtown Los Angeles, California with thousands of health products.

As the store grew, Sue & JB began developing and selling their own Omega 3 fish oil supplements in 2007, and later, the Fish & Garlic Oil and Fish & Borage Oil supplements in 2008, which were an immediate success. Soon, customers started demanding fat-burning and slimming products, and the Kims developed Mega Clean Detox, which cleanses the body with 11 natural herbs that have no harmful side effects. This also sold very well, and JB Amazing Natural is continuing to develop new health supplements that meets its customers' needs.

All JB Amazing Natural supplements adhere to world-class standards of quality and purity. Batches are made in three top licensed American softgel manufacturing facilities with certifications including USP DSVP, GMP, and CFR 21. JB Amazing Natural's products reflect Sue & JB's balanced personal lifestyle as well. They cook and eat traditional Korean food at home, and are also avid golfers, using their own supplements along with a healthy diet to keep their hearts, joints, and immune systems in good condition.

The Kims are deeply invested in their family and community as well. The "JB" in JB Amazing Natural, which shares JB's namesake, also stands for "Jesus' blessing". Sue & JB believe their family has been blessed in life, and desire to be a blessing to others as well.