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Cold & Flu

Cold & Flu, are 2 conditions that we all suffer at various points in our lives. Although they seem to be the same they are different and it is important to distinguish the differences and similarities. The "Common Cold" as it is commonly referred to, is caused by any of 100 or more different viruses. Some are more contagious that others so we always have to be careful around other sick people and always remember to have proper hygiene. The symptoms of the Cold are: Runny or Stuffy Nose, Sore Throat, Sneezing, Mild to Moderate Fever, Cough, Headache or Body Aches and Mild Tiredness. The Flu is similar to the Cold but the symptoms are more severe. If not treated properly, the flu can develop into Pneumonia. It is important to take your Flu Shot and have Healthy Habits in order to keep the Cold & Flu away.
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